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Tips for a Successful Wedding Tasting

A successful wedding tasting leaves an impression that aids in the final decision-making process. Here are a few tips before coming to “A Taste of The Christy” that will ensure you leave satisfied.

Come Prepared

Take some time prior to the tasting to outline important details to discuss with an event coordinator, including…

  • Timeline of events
  • Your catering and event space budget
  • Any dietary limitations of your guests

You don’t need to know everything at this time, but having key questions at the top of your mind will help you maximize your time and leave feeling confident about your future decision.

Bring Decision Makers

Whatever event you’re planning, try to schedule it for when the important decision-makers can be present. For weddings, it’s not uncommon to bring parents or members of the wedding party, although, keep in mind that too many opinions can make things more difficult.

Save Your Appetite

While we give you only small portions of the various courses, you’ll certainly need room to try it all! After all, how else can you can you experience everything we have to offer? From hors d’oeuvres all the way to dessert, remember that you do not have to finish everything that is put on your plate. This is meant to be a tasting of all the possibilities, and if something does not interest you, be sure to give us polite feedback!

Ask Questions

Yes, a tasting is about the food, but it is also about building a comfortable relationship with your caterer! We will have plenty of staff on-hand to answer all your questions. Ask about food presentation, whether a sauce can be switched out or offered on the side, or if something can be made gluten free – all of these are valid questions!

Take Notes and Photos

You’ll be trying so many delicious foods, you’ll need to document all of your favorites! Taking plenty of notes and even pictures will help refresh your memory when making the final decision.

At your tasting, we will provide you with a copy of our menu so that you can make additional comments on each dish as you sample.

Let Your Tastebuds Guide the Way

Don’t forget to enjoy yourself! Planning a wedding or other event can be stressful, but this is one of the most fun parts of the process. Eat, drink, and have fun!

Contact Us for Your Wedding or Special Event!

Tastings are a great way to get to know us before the big day. RSVP to the nearest “A Taste of The Christy” in St. Louis or O’Fallon.

Contact us to learn more about our wedding and special event packages! We can’t wait to meet you!