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Why Choose

Pizza Fundraisers by The Christy

Pizza is one of this nation’s most popular food items! Due to its popularity, people of all ages widely embrace and quickly purchase pizzas. We can make your job even easier with our quality products and over 30 years of experience. Ron & Shirley’s Restaurants provides our highly recognizable pizza for fundraising events.

At The Christy, we design our fundraisers with one goal in mind. To generate the maximum amount of funds for your cause while offering an enjoyable experience for all attendees. Our team collaborates closely with you to customize a fundraising event that aligns with your organization’s goals.

The Procedure

  1. First … contact our fundraising department at 314-266-5027 to arrange a date and time for a tasting!
  2. We present our program and sample our excellent pizza and salad dressing for your group’s review. We can answer any questions you may have at that time.
  3. Decide on the number of sellers, program start and finish dates, and the final delivery date.
  4. We will provide Sales Sheets and other promotional materials to assist you.
  5. Begin selling! Don’t forget neighbors, churches, family and friends. Set quotas for sellers to meet and make it fun. Reward sales with exciting prizes.
  6. Turn in the forms once selling is complete. We’ll process and deliver your order to a designated location on the chosen delivery date.
We deliver our pizzas frozen to maintain flavor and quality. Payment is easy and convenient—only a single check is required upon delivery of your order. This straightforward method allows for a seamless transaction.

Why Choose

The Christy for your Pizza Fundraiser?

The Christy’s fundraisers ensure your event’s financial success and create memorable occasions that foster lasting community connections. When you partner with us, you enjoy the benefit of: 

  • Experience and Expertise: With over 30 years in the industry, The Christy knows how to organize successful fundraisers. Our team understands the dynamics of these events and tailors strategies that maximize funds for your cause.
  • Quality Products: Our pizzas, renowned for their superior quality and flavor, are crowd-pleasers. We deliver the pizzas frozen to ensure freshness and taste, making them an easy sell for any fundraiser.
  • Comprehensive Support: The Christy supports you throughout the fundraiser, from the initial tasting to providing sales sheets and promotional materials. This ensures a smooth and successful event.
  • Flexible Delivery: We understand the logistical challenges of managing a fundraiser. We provide flexible delivery options, bringing pizzas to your chosen location on the agreed-upon date and time.
  • Competitive Pricing: Our competitive pricing ensures that a significant portion of the sales proceeds go toward your cause. This makes your fundraising efforts more fruitful. 


Turn your fundraising event into a pizza extravaganza with Ron & Shirley’s pizza fundraisers! Let us bring your supporters’ taste buds joy while you achieve your fundraising goals.

Host A

Host a Fundraising Event

With decades of hosting events, from fundraisers to weddings, The Christy is your one-stop destination for all event needs. At The Christy, we do it all, providing irresistible pizzas for fundraisers to elegant banquet halls for other types of fundraising events like trivia nights or mouse races! Contact Us for more information about our fundraising events at our venue!   

Already have a venue?  Explore our off-site catering options by The Christy.