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How to Prepare for Weddings in All Types of Weather

As spring arrives in St. Louis, we are reminded that the weather can change in an instant and is often unpredictable. This unpredictability will make any bride worry about what her wedding day will be like. Should she prepare for a blizzard, or for a hot and sunny day?

Follow these tips below to be prepared for any kind of weather on your wedding day!

Preparing for an Outdoor Wedding

If you anticipate having your wedding ceremony or reception outdoors, it’s a good idea to plan ahead for the unexpected. Depending on the time of year, you might want to put up tents or have a covered overhang available to keep out of the elements. Anchor down anything you worry might blow away, such as programs, your guest registry, and other paper items. Make sure you have a backup plan to move your party indoors if, worst case scenario, the weather does not at all cooperate.

How to Prepare for a Hot and Humid Wedding Day

Considering a summer wedding? In St. Louis, summer can be notoriously hot and humid, which can make for stifling conditions indoors and sometimes dangerous temperatures for your guests outdoors. Some ways to prepare for a hot, sticky wedding day include having fans on hand and electric fans running, as well as cold drinks.

If you are having an indoor wedding, weather may not be an issue. However, keeping them cool is still a priority, so supplying fans may still be a good idea if you anticipate the venue to feel warmer with a large number of guests you invite.

When Precipitation Threatens Your Wedding Day

No matter the time of year, it’s possible that rain or snow can threaten your plans. It’s important to anticipate what could happen and have a game plan.

If rain is possible, make sure you keep safety a priority for your wedding party and for your guests. Have umbrellas on hand for ushers to use to help guests inside from their cars and to keep yourself protected from the elements outside. Designate an area at your venue for guests to dry off, and if water does become an issue, make sure someone is ready with a towel or mop to dry the floor to prevent any slip and fall accidents.

Worried about snow? Wear proper footwear to avoid sudden falls and switch them out for photos. For example, if you want to have your pictures in the snow, work with your photographer to have a plan to switch shoes between locations. You might even opt to wear a cute pair of winter boots instead of heels for your wedding photos for a look unlike any other bride!

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