How to Pick the Best Catering for Your Event Type

Anyone hosting an event, whether it’s a wedding, corporate gathering, or private event, knows that the food can make a HUGE impact. We at The Christy understand just how important your event catering service can be, that’s why we’re sharing our catering guideline. 

If you’re planning an event, here are the things you need to think about to find the perfect catering service for your event:

1. Know your Audience

Catering cost is typically based on how many you are feeding, so it is important to have a general idea of the guest count. Other than the number of guests, another important factor is the type of event you are hosting — you want your food offerings to be cohesive with the night’s other activities. Ask yourself: How many people will I be serving? Is this a formal, sit-down event? What are the guests’ ages? What food allergies and dietary restrictions will you have to consider? These questions about your audience will help you determine what catering will work best for your event.

2. Know your Budget

Although this is often the first thing you may think about, it’s often the last thing that is figured out. You want to ensure that you’re using every bit of your budget correctly, so keep in mind that catering typically takes up 30-35 percent of your total budget. Most caterers follow a dollar per person pricing model — but don’t forget about the add ons or optional upgrades that can enhance your event. Enhancements that you may want your caterer to offer may include decorations, linen, china, servers, bartenders, etc.

3. Pick a Venue

In order to select a catering service, you need to know your venue. Some venues provide catering services or require you to work with their pre-approved list of vendors while some allow outside catering services. Here at The Christy, we are known for our delicious food! We offer customizable St. Louis off-premise catering as well as full-service catering at our beautiful event venues in St. Louis and O’Fallon, MO.

4. Choose your Catering Style

There are various catering styles. Here at The Christy, we offer:

Buffet – Buffet catering service allows tables of guests to take turns walking along the buffet line and serve themselves from a selection of options you choose. Benefits include:

  • Variety of food
  • Offers choice to guests with dietary restrictions
  • Guests can return for seconds
  • Appropriate for both casual and formal events

Learn more about our on-premise buffet options and our Basic, Classic, and Grand buffets.

Hors d’oeuvres – The food options are often bite-sized making it easier for a standing event. Servers can either walk around with trays of food and guests choose the finger foods they want, or the trays are set in a specific area of the event where guests can go up and serve themselves. Benefits include:

  • Control the amount of food in circulation at a time
  • Guests have the opportunity to mingle around the venue
  • Bite-sized food variety can range from casual to formal
  • Lighter than a full-service meal

Learn more about our on-premise and off-premise hors d’oeuvre options.

Boxed – Box meals are an effective way to feed groups of people (both small and large) quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality. Benefits include:

  • Fits easily into an event’s scheduled agenda
  • Boxed meal is made up beforehand and easily distributed
  • Cuts down on the amount of time spent waiting for food
  • Labeled boxes make it easy for guests to distinguish what they are getting while still having choices

Learn more about our boxed lunch options.

St. Louis Event Catering Services

From weddings and private events to company holiday parties and corporate luncheons, we can handle event catering for any sized guest list! Our experienced team can provide you with the perfect catering menu to help make your event truly special. Contact The Christy today!