How to Host the Holidays

With the holidays quickly coming your way, every day is a chance to celebrate! At The Christy Banquet Centers and Catering, we’re in the business of making sure each of your events is an elegant occasion. Ever wonder how we do it? Here’s a few of our favorite tips to help you host the holidays and make your parties feel festive — without the fuss!

Be Organized

A few weeks prior to your event, begin planning your menu and making a list of ingredients to shop for. As you organize your list, have each recipe close by to eliminate the chance of forgetting an item once you get to the store. If you love spending time in the kitchen, try to prepare a portion of the food the day before to save you the stress of a last-minute kitchen crisis. If you can’t cook, won’t cook, or don’t have time to cook, find a local source for great holiday party food. Catering by The Christy offers a fantastic array of fabulous food to help you orchestrate a truly memorable experience for any occasion.

Be Prepared

It’s easy to plan food for just a few guests, but feeding a crowd can be much more challenging. Be sure to consider details like the time of day, the length of your event, and the group you are hosting, then stock your buffet and bar with more food and beverage than you think you will need. There is no greater faux-pas than underserving at a social gathering and running out before the event ends.

Be Accommodating

Hosting a party can be unpredictable, you’ll have to adapt to changes that may occur throughout your event. If a friend or family member decides to bring an extra guest without forewarning you – don’t fret, just set an extra seat at your table. On the other hand, weather, work, and countless other factors may keep guests from attending your party at the last minute. Be flexible and know the only thing you can plan on is that things won’t go as planned.

Be Thankful

Try not to get so caught up in party prep that you forget why you hosted a gathering to start. As much as being a host is about entertaining your guests, it’s also about enjoying yourself. Take the time to make meaningful memories with your company and let them know you’re grateful they came!

We wish you a safe and happy holiday season from The Christy Banquet Centers and Catering! For menus and pricing information for your upcoming holiday event, contact The Christy St. Louis at 314-352-4800 or The Christy O’Fallon at 636-240-7772 today.