The Procedure


  1. First … contact our fund-raising department
    at 352-0045to arrange a date and time
    for a tasting!


  2. We will come and present our program
    to you and display our excellent pizzaand salad

    dressing for your group’s

    review. Any questions

    you may

    have can be answered at that time.

  3. Determine the number of sellers
    you will have, thebeginning sale date for

    the program, the finish date and a


    final delivery date.

  4. We will deliver to you Sales Sheets
    andother promotional materials

    to assist in selling.

  5. Begin selling! Don’t forget neighbors,
    churches,family and friends. Set quotas

    for sellers to meet and make it fun.

    Reward sales with exciting prizes.

  6. Turn in the forms once selling is complete.
    Wewill process the order and deliver

    it to one location for

    distribution on the

    date chosen for final delivery.


    pizzas are delivered frozen to hold

    their flavor and

    superior quality.

    Payment is due upon delivery in the


    of one check.

More Information

>Fundraising Overview