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Specialties To Go

Ron and Shirley’s Salad

St. Louis’ favorite salad consists of crisp iceberg and romaine lettuces, ham, salami and provel cheese. Served with our famous house dressing.
$1.75 per person


Toasted Ravioli

A St. Louis favorite appetizer! Served with our homemade meat sauce. Just heat and serve!
50 – $24.95
100 – $46.95


Chicken Wings

To complete your party menu, try our delicious chicken wings. Served with our special tangy
sauce. Available by the pound.
5 lbs. – $39.95
10 lbs. – $59.95


Mostaccioli, Cavatelli or Spaghetti

Complete your party buffet with our own special pasta! A perfect side dish served in a homemade Italian meat sauce. Heat before serving.
$16.95–Half Pan/$49.95–Full Pan


Baked Mostaccioli

A very flavorful meal or side dish. Pasta, topped with our delicious meat sauce and provel cheese, then baked to perfection.
$22.95– Half Pan/$68.85–Full Pan


Cavatelli Con Broccoli

A delicious side dish that complements every meal. Cavatelli with our special creamy white sauce, coupled with broccoli florets and parmesan cheese.
$19.95– Half Pan/$59.75–Full Pan


Quantities for Pasta To Go

1/2 Pan of Pasta (About 1 gallon total): Serves 15-20 people as a side, about 10 people as a meal

Full Pan of Pasta (About 3 gallons total): Serves 45-60 people as a side, about 30 people as a meal


Dollar Sandwich Rolls

These appetizer-sized sandwiches are made with your choice of chicken or tuna salad or thinly-sliced roast beef, turkey, or ham.
$13.95 per dozen (Min. 3 dozen)


Vegetable Tray

Assortment of seasonal fresh vegetables, including broccoli, celery, carrots, cauliflower, zucchini, yellow squash or red, yellow, or green sweet peppers (choose four) with Ranch or Dill dip.
$1.75 per person


Party Tray

Perfect for any gathering! Freshly slices roast beef, ham, turkey, salami and American and Swiss cheeses.
$5.75 per person


Party Sandwich

The party sandwich that goes to extra lengths to please your guests! Layers of slices roast beef, ham, turkey, and salami; topped with slices of provel cheese, tomatoes, leaf lettuce and onions (optional). Served on a super large loaf of Italian bread and its own serving board. Order by the foot.
$14.99 per foot (Min. order, 3 feet)


Assorted Cheese Tray

Freshly cubed colby, cheddar and pepper cheeses. Cracker provided.
$1.95 per person


Assorted Cheese & Salami OR Smoked Turkey

Freshly cubed colby, cheddar and pepper cheeses with your choice of either cubed salami or smoked turkey.
Crackers provided.
$2.25 per person


Assorted Fresh Fruit

A freshly cubed assortment of seasonal fruit.
Seasonal pricing, please call.

Minimum of 20 persons on Specialty Trays